Underwear For Workouts: Jockstraps VS Men's Thongs

Wether you're a gym-bunny already or an aspiring one in the making, you can benefit from the comfort and support that comes with wearing your gay underwear to the gym. Don't get me wrong, I KNOW straight guys wear jockstraps etc, but this is a gay blog. So there. 

Theres a huge choice of underwear for the gym now, but jockstraps and men's thongs are by far the most popular choice amongst our customers, and with good reason too. 



Jockstraps were originally invented for sports, but their popularity soared within the gay community due to their 'revealing' nature, making them a staple in a gay man's underwear drawer. Jockstraps hold your junk in to place, keeping it straight and tidy whilst you're doing your lunges! 

Another benefit to wearing a jockstrap to the gym is they prevent chafing due to their cup design and strapped body. Jockstraps are perfect even for the most vigorous activities


men's thong

Men's thongs are super comfortable, and sit very nicely when worn for sports and working out. Similar to the jockstrap, they can help prevent chafing and keep everything where it needs to be. 


I've used both jockstraps and men's thongs for the gym and when working out, and honestly they're both great. I think it comes down to personal choice, and the choice is pretty much based around whether or not you want a piece of string flossing your ass - thats really all there is to it.

Made your mind up?

JOCKBOX is the UK's #1 supplier of gay men's underwear. We stock a huge range of jockstraps, men's thongs, boxers, briefs and more. We are official, authorised suppliers of brands such as SUKREW, Andrew Christian, Marco Marco & more.  


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