SUKREW: The Best Underwear For Hung Guys?

Look, no one in the right mind is complaining their dick is too big, but it can be a bloody nightmare when it comes to squeezing into some sexy briefs or a skimpy jockstrap, am I right? 

Not everyone is made the same, and thats why more and more underwear companies (particularly gay-focussed ones) are creating their products with a little more trunk for the junk, if you catch my drift. 

Gone are the days your left bollock is hanging out of your briefs, you can finally go about your day knowing the crown jewels are safe, snug and not losing circulation. Phew! 

Big boy, meet SUKREW, SUKREW, meet big boy. 

SUKREW is the British-born power brand designed by creative genius Kingsley Hamilton, featuring a huge array of designs, styles, colours etc - SUKREW really does have something for everyone - especially if you're packing down there.

Let's have a look at a few of our favourite products, you'll soon see why this is surely the best underwear for hung guys.

1. The Ramsey Brief


2. The Silver V Thong


3. The Blue & Pink Jockstrap


4. The Bloomsbury Brief


So, if you're junk is far too big for your trunk, it may be time to start looking at other, more accommodating brands like SUKREW. 

JOCKBOX is a UK supplier of the hottest, sexy gay underwear. Wether you're looking for a jockstrap, or maybe some men's thongs? We have you covered. Check out our full SUKREW collection to find the best underwear for hung guys.

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