The Top 5 Reasons Gay Guy's Love Jockstraps

gay guy in jockstrap

If you're a gay man who hasn't been living under a rock, you'll know that the jockstrap is an extremely common style of underwear. Gay guys all around the world wear and love jockstraps on a daily basis, for many different reasons - lets take a look at some of the most common reasons gay (and straight) guy's love jockstraps:

1. Comfort 

Gone are the days we're pulling our briefs from the side of our balls, or even worse - out of our arse. No longer do we need to accept the fact that boxers can sometimes ride up during a gym workout. Jockstraps are unrestrictive due to their comfortable elastic straps, which keep the pouch exactly where it needs to be with no need for too much fabric.

2. Enhancement Of Assets 

The elastic straps on the jockstrap help to keep your ass perked and peachy. A lot of gay men wear a jockstrap to enhance what they already have to give a more fuller, sexy look. Jockstraps perfectly contour around your buttocks and help lift them. 

pump jockstrap

3. Confidence 

Thanks to the enhancing features mentioned in point two, a lot of gay men turn to jockstraps to help give them that extra boost of confidence. Men look great in jockstraps thanks to their contribution to a perky bum and full pouch.

4. Sex Appeal

One of the biggest, and my personal favourite - sex appeal. Jockstraps are like lingerie for us gay men. Showing enough skin to tempt your lover, whilst keeping a little bit hidden ready for the big reveal. Jockstraps are actually a huge fetish for some guys, unsurprisingly though.

5. Choice Of Brands

Jockstraps have become a huge market, with many incredible gay underwear brands boasting hundreds of styles. Some of these brands include LA power-house Marco Marco, London based SUKREW, Canadian brand CODE22, The French fetish brand TOF Paris and many more.

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