SUKREW's Signature Pouch: Enhancement Underwear

SUKREW is a London based underwear brand designed and created by Kingsley Hamilton.

Their eye-catching (or eye-poking) designs have been a huge success within the gay underwear market, and with good reason too. 

SUKREW is short for Sexual Unity Krew, and sexual they are! Their carefully designed style of underwear are made up of a premium polyamide, making them extremely soft to touch, and breathable too, and if we're being honest - thats kind of important!


This brand has done an incredible job of becoming a stable in the gay underwear market, mainly because of their incredible signature pouch design. The SUKREW signature pouch is a super-easy way to enhance whats already there, giving your bulge a much more fuller and sexy look (and feel).

SUKREW's pouch is something that can't be described, you need to try it for yourself. Personally, I feel a big boost of confidence when I'm wearing ANY of SUKREW's products. Their enhancing pouch is featured across their line of jockstraps, briefs, and the bubble thong. 


Take a look at some of their products below, to give you an idea on what to expect once you've got yours on. Try not to drool too much..

1. SUKREW Ramsey Brief


2. SUKREW Camden V Brief

3. SUKREW Bloomsbury Brief


 4. SUKREW Torrent Brief


Pretty impressive, right? If you're in the market for some super sexy enhancement underwear, then check out our full range of SUKREW here. Get 15% off your order with us, using the code JOCKBOX15

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