An Expert Guide To Buying Your First Jockstrap

Eek! A memory every gay guy should remember fondly buying your first jockstrap. In 2021 the jockstrap is as popular as ever in the gay community, they're literally everywhere - gay men LOVE jockstraps, and so they should!

buying your first jockstrap

Jockstraps will make your ass and bulge look great, regardless of its original size. A jockstrap will enhance your naturals, and glorify them like nothing else could. Find out more about why gay guy's love jockstraps in another article we did 'The Top 5 Reasons Gay Guys Love Jockstraps'.

Jockstraps have been solidified in the gay underwear world, as the top dog. So many gay guy's wear jockstraps for various occasions, some daily, some nightly, some during sex, it really does just depend on your likes.

gay underwear jockstrap

So, you're wanting to buy your first jockstrap? lets identify some key things to keep in mind when you're shopping for one:

1. Measurements 

Knowing your measurements in an extremely important one when it comes to buying a jockstrap. Not all gay underwear brands run the same size as standard, for example; CODE 22's size medium runs at 32 to 33 inches, but SUKREW's size medium runs at 33 to 35 inches. As you can see thats quite some difference, so you're going to need to measure up before placing an order

2. Why You Want It

Jockstraps come in all different variations of shapes, styles, fabrics, colours etc. So its a good idea to know why you want the jockstrap, is it for sports? comfort? the bedroom? a particular fetish? someone else's particular fetish? Once you know exactly why you want the jockstrap, you'll be able to find the one you want easier. For example, if I wanted a jockstrap for fetish reasons, i'd probably look at a brand such as TOF Paris, but if I wanted more of a fashion/comfort jock, i'd probably look to a brand like Marco Marco or Andrew Christian

3. Find A Trustworthy Shop

Believe it or not, the gay underwear industry is one of many thats plagued by counterfeit producers in places like China, ripping off many incredible brands. Find out more about this by reading our article 'How To Avoid Buying Fakes: Gay Underwear & Counterfeit Sellers'JOCKBOX is an authorised supplier of sexy gay underwear, and we're UK based too, so if you want to return your jockstrap, you can (by following our returns policy).

4. Don't Be Afraid To Try New Things (Or Thongs)

Seriously, millions of men across the world are wearing jockstraps, or men's thongs, or some backless briefs - embrace it, enjoy it, and welcome to the wonderful world of sexy gay underwear.

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