All About Garcon Underwear: Brand Spotlight

Founded in Vancouver back in 2012, creators Patrick and Mehdi set out to create a new underwear brand that was both elegant and sexy.

garcon underwear

Garcon Model is still heavily-shaped by Mehdi's upbringing in Paris, as well as Patrick's early immersion into the world of fashion, having watched his mother work as a seamstress in Montreal.

Garcon Model is a play on the french expression 'Good Boy', but after being affectionately named just 'Garcon' by customers, they officially rebranded to that this year.

Gone are the days that gay men are restricted to dull colours, and bargain multipacks when it comes to selecting their underwear. Garcon underwear combines fresh designs with familiar styles to create the perfect men's underwear that oozes with premium quality and sex-appeal, boasting a superior fit without the hefty price tag.

garcon underwear

Garcon clearly pays attention when it comes to choosing their fabrics, selecting the best nylon and spandex for an extremely soft and comfortable feel that naturally fits to your shape whilst staying breathable.

As well as bringing some amazing selections to the gay underwear market, Garcon has always been an environmentally conscious company too. Garcon is very clearly a house that cares about sustainability on top of style. They're eco-friendly, dyes that are Oeko-Tex certified, which guarantees no harmful substances are used during the manufacturing process. 

Try this incredible brand today, although I will warn you, the fit is addictive!

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