A Beginners Guide To Douching For Gay Men

Douching - nobody's favourite topic, but as a sexually active passive gay man, this shits important (no pun intended). Douching is (thankfully) extremely common, and way less taboo than it used to be, but there are still some bottoms that haven't got a clue what it is, or where to even start - scary shit right? 

Admittedly, the thought of douching used to terrify me something rotten, but practice makes perfect and over time it becomes second nature if you're bottoming often - and whilst its a pain in the arse (not literally), as the old saying goes 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail'. 

Ok so, there are many different methods to douching, with many different devices - including shower attachments, large enemas, small bulb-shaped douches and so on. You really don't need anything expensive, and if you're not familiar with the task it might be better to go for something a little smaller to start with, you can shop for douches over at Toys Over Boys.

Now that you've got your douche and some confidence, lets get down to it: 

beginners guide to douching

1. Filling The Douche

Use clean, fresh water ONLY. Take notice of the temperature, this is important to avoid burning yourself. Look-warm water is the best option, the last thing you want is a colon like Freddie Cruger.

2. Lube Up Solider!

If you're putting things in your arse, you're probably going to need lube. Use a generous amount to ensure a smooth entry. Make sure the tip of the douche is smooth with no jagged edges, again - colon, Freddie Cruger, no.

3. Entering The Tunnel

Its important to not go too far, its really not necessary - in fact, the experts say that by going too far inside, you're likely gonna make things worse for yourself - a couple of inches is fine. Ask yourself, is he really that big that its gonna hit my kindey? probably not.

4. Dont Over Fill

Said no one, EVER. No but seriously, don't use unnecessary amounts of water, you'll give yourself stomach ache and it'll probably be coming back out of you for the next 2 hours. Squeeze until you can feel the water, but don't over do it.

5. Toilet Time

Sit on the toilet as you would, and push the water out. Repeat this process until the water is running clean and you feel ready to take on the world (not advised).

6. Bonus Tip!

Give yourself 30 minutes or so until you have sex, this gives your body chance to expel any excess water - trust me, you don't want your man swimming off the bed now, do you?